Single Female Bedroom Decor

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Your daughter, yesterday still a girl, and today a girl, is becoming more mature, feminine and sophisticated day by day. This article will tell you how to design Single Female Bedroom Decor for a girl from 13 to 20 years old, considering her needs, characteristics and habits.

A teenage girl no longer needs a zone, she, as a rule, directs all her energy towards creation, be it painting, music, sewing or anything else. Therefore, in the bedroom it will be the right and perfect area associated with the interest of the natural decorator.

Here are some ideas for decorating a single female bedroom.


Heavy clothing, an old grandmother’s chest drawer or a large double bed in a girl’s room will look wonderful and will dispel the lightness and romantic atmosphere expected here. In this regard, neutral colors (white, cream, light wood, gray), which will take root internally, even if the hostess of the house is a big fan of interesting combinations. We decorate the interior of the girl’s bedroom.


Above, we have already talked about the need for thoughtful use of a house space for a girl, since, in addition to the main work (resting place), other hopes will be kept in the house. For example, there should be an area for a garment, especially in the form of a one-piece structure with drawers, shelves and bars for curly fabrics. Another major area should be the work area – with a desk and a comfortable chair.

These three zones are also mandatory in a small room, but when the space is large enough, you can install extra furniture for reading, making music, sewing, and meeting friends.

  • There may be an area with a dressing room or a mini-sofa near the door
  • It is best to keep the bed in the middle of the room, away from the door.
  • Place your desk by a window

Arrange your sleeping area:

Whatever the case, but the main character is playing in bed in any bedroom, so appropriate attention is given to the lounge. In a young girl’s room, it is important to just install the bed, and not the folding sofa. Let the bed be single, but it’s nice to have a nice headboard that complements the neat nightstand with a pair of decorative lights next to it .It will be a beautiful decor for a single female bedroom.

Depending on the location of the bed and the size of the room, you can install a bench for friends at the foot of the bed, chest of drawers, pouf or a mini sofa.


Desktop space:

Ideally, a girl should spend time during class in the brightest area of ​​the house, near the window or in the loggia.

However it happens that the position of the desktop on the opposite side is no less comfortable and familiar. At the same time, our advice is good furniture and distance from the front door.

However, the desk bedroom can also serve as a dressing table if you do not allow the use of extra furniture.


Important is that a girl is a fragile and sweet animal, which means that the interior of the bedroom for a girl should be gentle and necessarily comfortable.

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