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natural bedroom decor

Many homeowners want to know how to properly finish bedroom walls. The bedroom is different from other rooms, first of all, its purpose. Here a person can retire, relax, and gain strength for the upcoming work day. How to do natural bedroom decor & the walls of the bedroom, what color palette, textures and combinations to choose will help this publication.

When decorating a bedroom, you should pay attention not only to its elegance and beauty, but also to its practicality.


natural bedroom decor

natural bedroom decor


The most popular options for wall decoration are:


This is the most common type of room decor. The material can be either plain paper wallpaper or vinyl or even 3D. The type is selected depending on the purpose of the room. For example:

  • It is best to use vinyl or washable wallpaper in the kitchen;
  • In the bathroom – moisture resistant so that the material does not absorb moisture;
  • There are several options for children. It can be washed and light paper wallpaper;
  • Also Textile, non woven, liquid, photo and 3D wallpapers look great in the living room depending on the design of the room.

Wallpapers can be:

  • Paper – this is not a sustainable way to finish walls;
  • Non-woven wallpaper, suitable for paint application. And Possessing environmental cleanliness, good pass air.
  • Textile wallpaper, a fairly durable material with a large number of colors and textures, provides great sound insulation in the room.

Decorative plaster:

This is a great solution to decorate your bedroom in a real way. Paint can be:

  • Acrylic.
  • Minerals.
  • Silicate.

Depending on its type, the technical qualities, features and appearance of the walls vary. However, The advantage of plaster is the possibility to apply it in different patterns, even a small amount of accurate strokes with a spatula can give the room an original look. The difficulty of coating is the difficulty in application.

Natural Bedroom Decor – Drywall:

  • No preparatory work is required on the walls.
  • You can hide wires, pipes, heaters;
  • Experienced craftsmen are able to give the house a variety of turning, drop and other design solutions;
  • Fairly fast assembly.

The disadvantage of drywall is the area of ​​the house and the cracks in the walls.

Wall panel:

PVC panels are more common in offices and commercial establishments. This is because plastic is not a natural material, it is rarely use in a bedroom or living room.


The component is easy to mount, in case of damage, any component can be easily replace. An example of a plastic bedroom design is shown in the photo.

Decorative rock:

Therefore, It costs a lot more, and without the necessary experience you are less likely to work well to place the material on the wall on your own, which is a minus of stone.

This material:

  • Has high durability;
  • Durable
  • Natural;
  • Can give originality to the room;
  • So The owners of the premises insist on statehood.


Different colors, textures and types give you different options of bedroom decor.

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