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Guest Room Decorating Ideas

While you may not want to spend too much time on the bedroom, guest rooms often need a bit of extra attention. A bedside radio and a soft rug under the bed can make guests feel more comfortable. A mirror will allow them to fix their hair before heading out to breakfast. And if you don’t have one, a small wall-hung mirror will do the trick! Adding some extra comfort will go a long way.


Another simple but effective addition is aromatherapy. The smell of a soothing essential oil will set the mood and help guests relax. Invest in an easy-to-use diffuser or buy a locally made candle. Using scented candles will add a fun holiday touch to the room. Try a few different scents to add a personal touch to your guest room. There are also several other ways to incorporate aromatherapy into the decor of a guest room.

Use floating shelves along the wall

These shelves can store day-to-day items like towels and clothing. They also keep clutter from taking over the floor. Don’t forget to provide extra throw blankets. If you have a guest room with limited storage, this is a great way to avoid drowning in dirty clothes! Keeping things off the floor will help your guests feel more comfortable. When designing a guest room, don’t forget to include accessories like mirrors and lamps.

Floating shelves are an ideal way to keep daytime items out of sight. Instead of table lamps, you can place sconces on each side of the bed. This will add ambiance to the room and prevent your guests from having to dig through piles of unpacked clothes or unwashed dishes. Hanging a chandelier above the bed is a unique way to add personal touches to your guest room. You can add a beautiful candlelight in the center and let it shine.

A guest room is an ideal place to entertain family and friends. It’s important to provide comfortable seating and a comfortable area to relax. A bedside table will allow your guests to relax and watch television in the comfort of their own bed. Floating shelves also double as a nightstand. They can hold decorative items, mobile phones, keys, and books. Having a nightstand is another way to make a visitor feel at home.

Floating shelves can be placed along the wall. Floating shelves are an excellent way to provide ambient lighting while keeping daytime items off of the floor. Unlike table lamps, sconces save space and add a personal touch to the guest room. They can even double as a nightstand when guests are staying at your home. These guest room decorating ideas are sure to make your guests feel at home. So, go ahead and create a space that makes your guests feel comfortable!

Consider adding a basket.

If your guests aren’t comfortable with a nightstand or an ottoman, consider adding a basket. This will catch any clothes that are left on the floor. Alternatively, add a decorative basket over the bed. A small plant will add a cozy feel to the space. And if the room is too small, place two pillows for each guest. A few strategically placed decorative items and a charging station can make guests feel at home.

While your guests are in your guest room, keep it as simple as possible. A few decorative pieces, such as a basket, will make it feel more personal to them. You can also put up a small vase of flowers or pine cones on a side table for a festive touch. Don’t forget to add a mirror to your guest room. Having a mirror in the same color as the walls is a good idea.

Besides a mirror, a guest room should also have storage for clothes. A basket with hooks will be helpful in case of a spilled drink or a forgotten towel. A bedside table can be a functional alternative to a bedside table. It can hold decorative items as well as your mobile phone and key. Incorporate a small plant will give it a homey feel. A decorative basket on the wall is also a nice touch.

Which Colour is Best for Guest Room?

If you’re painting your guest room, you’ll want to choose a colour that will be calming and soothing for your guests. While you can choose a range of blue shades, you’ll probably want to go for a lighter hue. Those include sky blue, cornflower blue, and shades of the ocean. You can also combine softer hues of blue with more vibrant shades to create a room that stimulates mental calm.

If you want your guest room to feel welcoming, a cool blue is the perfect choice. It’s the perfect color to match a wooden bed and a white carpet. This shade is also reflective of light and looks great with wood accents. It’s also a good choice for guest rooms where a lot of guests spend their time and need a quiet place to sleep. For more contemporary-styled guest rooms, try a soft purple-blue color.

Another popular colour for a guest room is yellow. This cheerful colour is a natural choice as it radiates cheer and energy. The striped ceiling adds a playful touch to the traditional guest room. It can even complement a dark floor or a carpet. If you are unsure about the right colour for your guest room, consider a shade of gray or a light shade of green. You can even mix shades of the same color.

What Should Be in a Guest Room?

Organizing a guest room can be a tricky task. You need to ensure that the space is well-lit and comfortable, but also leave enough space for your guests to move around without feeling cramped.

Window seat and a dresser

You can add a window seat and a dresser, and you can use the room as a space to unpack their bags. A good way to make the guest bedroom feel special is to install wall sconces or a chair as a side table. In addition, you can choose a bright color for the walls, which can bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

Bed with an adjustable base

A guest room should have a bed with an adjustable base. It should be comfortable and offer a variety of bedding and other items. It should also have a clock and calendar. Some rooms are equipped with a mirror, but it’s best to keep it hidden. A wastebasket should be in the closet, and there should be ample lighting and a fresh supply of towels. Then, the bathroom should have a well-stocked toiletries and hairdryer.

Inviting, but not cluttered

A guest room should be inviting, but not cluttered. Don’t overdo the pillows and other decor. An abundance of throw pillows will only create a dilemma for your guests when they are unsure of what to do. The same applies for tabletop decor. Tabletops should be sparse, but not bare. It’s best to have plenty of space for personal items. A pretty ceramic dish can double as a jewelry holder and double as a place to put your phone.

The guest room should be welcoming without feeling too crowded. Avoid clutter and avoid the over-the-top look of a home. A lighted clock next to the bed is a welcome addition. A radio and clock/radio are also useful items to have in a guest room. Be sure to provide a working iron in the guest room, too. While a bed is the most comfortable option, you should make sure that it is comfortable and convenient for your guests.

A guest room should be inviting, not a receptacle for lumpy old mattresses. The guest room should be equipped with basic hotel amenities. A comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep, as are comfortable bedside furniture and lamps. Ensure that the room has plenty of space for storage and is space-saving. A clock and a calendar are great additions to the guest room.

The guest room should be comfortable for guests. It should include a large bed and a comfortable bed. The space should be spacious, with ample cupboard and drawer space. In addition to these, the guest room should also have a table with a lamp and plenty of books. The bed should not be too high, which might be uncomfortable for your guests. It should also be equipped with luggage storage. A sturdy luggage rack is necessary for storing luggage.

A guest room isn’t a place for old, lumpy mattresses. It should provide basic amenities like a comfortable bed and a clock. If you don’t have a desk, consider adding a small desk and some storage space. The bed should be made smaller. If it is too high, remove the bed. There should be no more than one person sleeping in the room. You should also include a small mirror.

The guest room should be equipped with storage for luggage. A sturdy luggage rack or bench would be a good idea in a visitor’s room. It should also have space for books. If a guest is arriving at a long distance, a guest room should have a small refrigerator for snacks. It should also have an air-conditioning system. It is important to include extra items to ensure comfort.


The guest room should have the basics. The guest room should have an easy-to-clean mattress and bed linens. If a guest is staying for an extended period, it should have some basic hotel amenities. A bed should have an alarm clock and a radio, while an electric iron may be unnecessary. An iron can be helpful in the event of an emergency. Guests should be able to see what is in their bedroom.

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