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To build a bedroom, you first need to prepare a design drawing that describes the working ground. bedrooms 5 m wide and 12 m long are common. However, their bed room drawing must meet the number of members and the individual needs of each family. Read more about bed room drawing.

5 meters wide and 12 meters long bed room drawing:

The design drawing of a 12 × 2 house in the shape of a 5-storey tube house has been mentioned many times in the past. The floor area is more than 1,2m2 due to the additional 60m2 balcony racing outside.

The house does not have a separate worship room, the plan is to combine the living room downstairs.

This 12x2m 3-storey tube house with 5 bedroom drawing is also a headache for architects.

what is bed room drawing Plan:

The basis of any project is to create a bed room plan, which is illustrated in the document. They must then be registered with the relevant authority.

Important. This must be done before construction can begin. This will help avoid various types of fines due to illegal construction.

It shows the complete layout of the bedroom:

  • The location of the main structure of the bedroom;
  • Different partitions;
  • Placement of rooms and their number;
  • Windows and doors.
  • In addition, it is called:
  • What are the dimensions of the building?
  • Material for building walls;
  • Roof structure;

Planning options of bedroom drawing: First, draw a floor plan for the country house. You can do it yourself. You do not have to have special knowledge in design for this. The most important thing is to determine the size of the future building, the number of rooms (layout) and their functionality.

Second, you can order it from architects who are creating a separate project for a building.. They have catalog home plans that they can provide to their clients for further development of the project.


To this day, there is a special program that is used to draw a free home plan.

There are certain fields for  bed room drawing:

  • Room width
  • Room length;
  • Overall height;
  • Height of walls and roof;
  • Numbers of windows and doors.

These are the main parameters that must be entered to develop a plan for a country house.

After all, you can visually evaluate on a computer the box of the future building with the appearance of the roof. This method is effective if you have no desire and opportunity to draw a plan of a country house with your own hands.

A floor plan of the building needs to be painted. This will help to determine the usable area, which is divided into residential and utility. A country house should have an optimal number of floors. These parameters are based on the size of the free area of ​​the lot. The number of floors can be.Hope get some ideas on bed room drawing.

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