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Drawing Room: Guide to Decorate Easily

Drawing Room

One of the first things to do when decorating a drawing room is to make it as light as possible. Stacks of books by the fireplace look whimsical and unobtrusive. An old suitcase under the bed makes a stylish storage area. In the kitchen, you can create a gallery wall by using empty mason jars as flower vases. Use cloth napkins to decorate the side tables and you will have free space on the floor.

Choose Furnishings Decorate a Drawing Room

Choose furnishings that make the room appear bigger. If you have a small drawing-room, consider using a corner sofa that seats several people. This will save space by not needing additional seating in other room parts. Depending on the size of your drawing room, you may want to consider floor seating instead of chairs. Large furniture is more distracting than inviting, so it’s better to choose pieces that will complement the room’s decor.

Consider a partition

Consider a partition for the drawing-room. A wooden or fabric screen can create a barrier between the seating and the rest of the room. If you can’t afford a solid partition, you can use curtains, louvered blinds, or pocket glass doors. If you cannot afford these options, try using a sectional sofa or an L-shaped sofa. An L-shaped sofa will demarcate the seating area from the rest of the room. This will ensure that the flow of conversation stays within the seating area.

Consider Own Preferences

A drawing room is typically closer to the front door than a dining room. Because of this, the furniture is often more expensive and safer for children. The color palette for the drawing-room should reflect your personal taste. Some people like soothing neutral colors while others prefer brighter colors. Another important thing to remember is that it is often referred to as a parlor or formal living room. So you need to consider your own preferences before selecting the right color scheme for your room.

Open-plan Drawing Room

Creating an open-plan drawing room will make it appear larger than it really is. You can also make it visually connected by adding a mirror or other furniture with reflective surfaces. This will make the room seem larger and give it more character. For a drawing room that is smaller than a dining room, you can use small pieces of furniture to fill the space. The space should be centered so that you can place the furniture in an appropriate spot.

Consider Seating Arrangement

Whether the drawing-room is large or small, it should have a seating arrangement. It should be comfortable and inviting for guests. Choosing a corner sofa will help you make the room feel larger, but remember to keep the proportions in mind as well. Having a small drawing room will require you to get creative. If you are short on space, you may need to add a mirror on a wall or create a mirror on the furniture.

Maximizing Space

Another key to maximizing space in a drawing room is using reflective surfaces. A reflection from a mirror will make the space seem larger than it is. If you have a small room, choose furniture that will be visible from every angle. Choosing the right furniture will help you maximize the room’s space. The most effective furnishings can make a small room appear larger and help you make it more comfortable.

Do Not Overdo the Size

When decorating a drawing-room, do not overdo the size. An oversized sofa or table will take up more space than it needs to. When arranging furniture in a small room, you should choose a corner sofa that is generously sized. This way, you will be able to accommodate more guests without having to add extra furniture. You can place a mirror on the walls of the room to make it look larger.


A small drawing room can feel cramped and unappealing. The best way to make it appear larger is to use mirrors and reflective furniture. A big mirror across a window will make the room look bigger. Similarly, mirror-finished furniture will make a small room appear spacious. This will not only give your guests a great impression of your home but will also make your guests feel comfortable.

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