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Bedroom Door Decoration Ideas

Are you finding bedroom door decoration ideas? Yes, you have the right place. Sliding doors allow you to split two rooms without losing space. If you want to save space in the master bedroom bathroom, kitchen pantry or work space, this option is very attractive and economical.

If you are thinking of putting a sliding door in the house you want to know that you can do it yourself if you have your own  equipment. This is a project that, in addition to saving, will allow you to personalize the door, it will adapt to certain measurements and styles.

Advantages and disadvantages of a sliding door:

The side-sliding door slides along a rail at the top of the partition, above the door. They move parallel to the wall, making them a great alternative to providing privacy in rooms that are not large in size. But what are all these benefits?


For small rooms and open where a traditional tiled door will fit or block certain furniture, sliding doors are a great option. They are easy to install and you can easily integrate them into your home style. Not only is there a wide range of sliding doors on the market, you can also create and customize them yourself to achieve a unique design. If you use bedroom door decoration ideas correctly, your bedroom door is a wonderful door.


Bedroom Door Decoration Ideas

Bedroom Door Decoration Ideas


Inconvenience too:

Although they allow us to visually split the two spaces, such doors are not as detached as a swing. Therefore, they do not provide the privacy that we sometimes want. In addition, they do not steal space from a particular house even if they discard a piece of wall; Who occupies with the door open.

A sliding  bedroom door decoration ideas:

Sliding doors, as we explained earlier, slide with a rail that will not be difficult to find in stores. It will not cost you to find your own door making materials. The most popular, the woods, you can make from a solid plank or a series of attached boards. But let’s go step by step.

Measure, cut and assemble:

The first step is to take action and do it at least twice so as not to make a mistake. The sliding door must adapt to the width and height of the gap you need to cover. Take a meter, take measurements and write them down in a notebook. 


  • Starting from a board, in any case it must be a board of recorded measurements. You can go to a department store like Leroy Merlin and ask to cut it into shapes or take a large standard plank and cut it at home with a jigsaw.


  • Make doors from wooden boards or slates. If you prefer this option, you don’t just have to buy enough boards and slats to cover the width and length of the measurements you write. In addition, you will need some thin slats that work to create a frame that you can see in the picture below.


What style of door do you want? If you are looking for a rustic barn door you may want to add a wooden door frame and square and / or blade making slats.

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